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Spilt Milk Products: Black

Want everyone to see that you're the epitome of elegance and a true black-haired beauty?

You won't cry over Spilt Milk, but you will fall in love with it.

Spilt Milk's easy-to-apply and perfectly purse-sized Mineral Hair Powder is a heavenly jet-black coloured dessert designed specifically for your luscious locks.

Derived from the earth's own minerals and clays, Spilt Milk is completely free of sulfates, parabens, dyes and alcohol.

Spilt Milk will help conceal your roots (including greys) and keep you oil-free whilst infusing a yummy Boysenberry fragrance into your hair. You will look and feel like a chic China doll.

Ideal for use between colour appointments or to extend the life of a fab blow-dry or style whilst adding instant volume and texture. Spilt Milk is perfect for the fashionable girl who loves a little luxury. Created for busy women on-the-go, Spilt Milk comes with a brush and travel-sized pouch.

Everyone knows dessert is the best course. Spilt Milk's dessert-inspired formulas will ensure you're the talk of any town or event.

Sprinkle on a taste of deliciously decadent living. Indulge yourself in Spilt Milk's Luxurious Mineral Hair Powder.

Supermodel tested.


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